The Adamstown Fire Company conducts an Annual Fund Drive to pay for operating costs, fuel for apparatus, insurance, the purchase/maintenance of needed emergency equipment, and the replacement of apparatus, just to name a few examples. We understand that many organizations ask for money and there are times you feel that you just give and give. Please remember the Adamstown Fire Company is a 100% VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION protecting the residents and businesses of Adamstown Borough as well as portions of East Cocalico and Brecknock Townships. We also provide assistance, when needed, to many other surrounding communities during emergency situations.

During 2018, we responded to 183 incidents totaling 1,312 hours of incident operations. In addition, our volunteers spent 1,959 hours attending training & certification classes and 1,623 hours performing fundraising, public fire prevention education, and equipment & property maintenance. That’s about 4 hours per member per week of community dedication for no pay.

Don’t I pay a Fire Tax? Doesn’t the Municipality Fund Fire Department Expenses? The fact is, Adamstown Borough gives the Fire Department an annual donation that covers approximately 48% of the Department’s operating budget. We are very thankful for the great support they provide. The remaining costs are funded by chicken BBQ’s, soup & sub sales, raffle tickets, grants, and this fund drive campaign.
Did you know?….The average cost to outfit a firefighter is $14,850. This includes pager, coat & pant, boots, hood, gloves, helmet, SCBA with spare cylinder and required basic training. We continually strive to provide our community with modern and professional services which includes the scheduled replacement plan for our emergency equipment.

We are an IRS-recognized 501(c)(4) non-profit group who put their lives on the line in order to save the lives and properties of others. And we do it for FREE! When you donate to AFC, ALL of your contributions go directly to the fire company to purchase and maintain the necessary items to respond to YOUR emergency. You can see the equipment and facilities that your donation goes towards by stopping at our station while our members are there and meet the people that use this equipment to help our community in its time of need.
The bottom line… We Need Your Help!!! Our members work tirelessly preparing for emergencies in our community and generating additional funds to operate. Unfortunately, we can’t do it alone. Without your contribution, the vital services we provide with the equipment we have WOULD NOT continue.

You can make your Donation in 2 Easy Ways:
 Complete and return the donation card below and return it with a check in the enclosed envelope
 Use the “bill pay function” on your checking account to send your donation directly to Adamstown Fire Company, P.O. Box 52, Adamstown, PA 19501-0052

The Officers & Members of the Adamstown Fire Company, thank you for your generous support in 2019

Want to do more? Now, more than ever, personnel have become a very critical component to all volunteer organizations. The fire department drastically needs volunteers to help our organization maintain and grow the emergency services it provides to the community. Everyone in the community is pulled in numerous directions to give their time with their jobs, families, youth sports, religious organizations, and numerous other activities that occur daily in today’s society. Please take the time to consider becoming a member of the fire department. Here are just a few ways you can help!!!

Administrative ~ Support Staff ~ Firefighter ~ Jr. Firefighter (14-17 years of age) ~ Fire Police
Fundraising ~ Janitorial ~ Fire Safety ~ Maintenance ~ Computer Networking